Shoot Pictures Like A Pro On Your Next Vacation!

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Vacations call for mementos. We want to document every sunset, every dive off the dock, and every roasted marshmallow with a photo. And not just any photo, but a photo that perfectly captures the golden glow, wide smiles, and lush landscapes. This summer, make it your goal to take vacation photos that are frame-worthy. For iPhone shooters and SLR slingers alike, these tips will help take your snapshots from blah to beautiful.

Get high, get low. When you shoot every picture from the same angle, things start to get boring. Experiment with shooting from different angles and heights for more unique perspectives.

Capture candids. The best photos usually aren’t posed. Instead of wrangling the family to sit still for a picture, snap away as they’re building sandcastles, eating ice cream, and running out of the water. You’ll capture the sincerest expressions and memories.

Get up close and personal. Don’t be afraid to shoot close-ups—of food, details, faces, and more. This is especially true for smartphone cameras, which can produce dull images when the shot is too long.

Share the camera. The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot, and the photographer always goes unphotographed. Make sure you pass the camera to someone else once in a while to capture your presence on the trip.

Use the right apps. Simple edits, when appropriate, can transform your images. You don’t have to be a Photoshop pro; phone apps like VSCO and Afterlight come with photographer-approved tools for adjusting brightness, cropping, and reducing shadows.