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Mary Palma

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Why Hire Us? 

It's a fair question. And the simple answer is you should hire us because we have years of mastery over the three key roles we play as your agents: We are your consultants, your negotiators, and we oversee ALL the transactional details on your behalf.

As your consultants, we lead you through the process of clarifying your values because when your values are clear, your choices are easy. We will craft a specific strategic plan to make sure you get the highest price for your home on a timeline that works for your situation.

As your negotiators, we treat your money like it's ours. We understand money is an emotional issue and it's our responsibility to recognize the likely underlying agendas, and motivations of individuals that are involved in your transaction. It's in your best interest to have skilled, experienced, and focused negotiators, like us, on your team so you'll get the best price and terms for your home.

Our third role is to oversee all the transactional details because every transaction has over 100 pieces of paper requiring upwards of 43 signatures and initials. Every 'i' must be dotted, and every 't' must be crossed. You can have confidence knowing that we are prepared to handle any turbulence we may experience.


" I am can attest that Mary Palma is a true professional and dedicated to ensuring her clients are truly happy. Buying a house or even selling can be very stressful but with Mary's help it has been a smooth process. I was given Mary's name back in 2009 by a good friend who had used her as a realtor. My fiend had nothing but good things to say about Mary and highly recommended her. Everything my friend said was true! Not only did Mary help me buy a house but she has also helped me sell it years later and find a rental. I put my trust in Mary and she went above and beyond ensuring that I was taken cared of during both the buying and selling process. I have heard horror stories of realtors not helping their clients out to the best of their ability and I am lucky to say my realtor was the best. Never once have I contacted Mary and she not answer my question right away. I had contacted Mary very hesitant about selling my house and how long the process would take during the Christmas"

  -Ms. Jenkins, Client

"Mary was courteous and professional to work with. She quickly got back to me if I had any questions. The whole selling process went very smoothly. I will definitely use her again. I highly recommend Mary as your realtor."

  -W. Wander, Client

"Mary Palma was an absolute pleasure to work with when purchasing my very first house. The property I bought was only on the market 2 days and she got the buyer to accept my offer of $10k less than the asking price. Even though the property was being sold "as is", she still negotiated and got them to agree to cover the repairs from the inspections. She definitely was great at working for her client, which is something I had not had when working with other agents. Before I found Mary, I had been working on purchasing a home for 3 years. Luckily in the end, I found Mary who helped me quick, encouraged me to not give up, and helped make my dream of owning a home come true. I would truly recommend her to anyone!"

  -W. Thorpe, Client

"The number of tasks required to complete the purchase of an older home is mind-boggling. They usually require more inspections than newer homes, and the results often cause contract renegotiation or termination. It takes a very knowledgeable, organized, determined and professional Realtor to successfully facilitate the sale and/or purchase of an older home. Mary Palma is that Realtor! Mary represented both buyer and seller in our purchase of a 1950’s bungalow. She took ownership of every task required and coordinated every inspection. When results were negative, Mary worked very tactfully with both parties to reach agreement on remedial actions. Her ability to work through potential “deal breakers” and provide an overall positive experience was amazing! She guided us from failed inspections and code violations to hugs and handshakes at closing. Buyer or Seller, old home or new, Mary Palma is the Realtor for you!!"

  -Mark and Cynthia Stinson, Client

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